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Alternative to iFrame for embedding an ABPro booking screen

ABPro is a component so it cannot be place inside a content page or article.

In the past the only way to embed an ABPro booking screen in a content page or article was by using an iFrame.

One problem with using an iFrame is that PayPal does not support being called from an iFrame.


With HTML5 you can now use a object embed to display a booking screen in a content page, and PayPal seems fine with it ;-)


Example of how to display a Simple Booking screen in a content page

Create a normal menu to call the booking screen, call it, and get the URL from the browser address bar.

Here it is /abpro-booking-simple

Insert the code below into your content page where you want ABPro to appear, note you add ?tmpl=component to the URL.

<object data="/abpro-booking-simple?tmpl=component" width="600" height="420">
<embed src="/abpro-booking-simple?tmpl=component" width="600" height="420" />
Error: Embedded data could not be displayed.</object>

(remember to set you editor in raw HTML mode first).


You can set the menu to hidden if you like, but the menu must remain valid as ABPro uses menu parameters.


Now the content page will display a booking screen.


This technique can also be used to insert a booking screen from another domain.


Note: This technique has not been extensively tested and I cannot guarantee it will work on every site, but I have tested PayPal and it works fine.

Note 2: If you use SSL, and are embedding from a different site, both must be SSL and the inserted code link must be https://