The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming.

As a first step in your GDPR compliance you can add a simple UDF (User Defined Field), to your booking screen, that requires customers grant you permission to store their name and email address as part of an appointment booking.

This shows your customers that you are concerned about their personal data and solicits an acknowledgement that they are okay with you collecting it.



The above message is just an example, and you can tailor it to your business, maybe providing a phone number or email address if the customer wants their data removed.


By design ABPro has no facility to automatically delete any data. ABPro does provide tools to let your administrator delete old booking data.

How often you purge old booking data is up to you.

Two ways to purge old data are:

  1. From the back end Administrator, Appointments screen, filter by a date range then select the bookings and hit 'Remove'.

  2. In the Backup/Restore screen there is a function to purge all data older than a user specified date.


At this time, I am not aware of how/if the Joomla Team are dealing with GDPR.


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New GDPR screen ABPro 4.0.3 RC5...

The new GDPR screen in ABPro allows a customer to see all their appointment information, and cancel the booking to remove all information. 

See How-To for its setup and use.