ABPro 4.0 feature - Accordion views

ABPro 4 allows you to:

  • Use Accordion views in booking screens.
  • Set the order of booking screen sections in the menu set.


In the Joomla Menu Manager screen, when you setup a call to any ABPro booking screen, there is an Advanced tab that contains setting for accordion and section ordering.


Selecting Accordion will have ABPro display the booking screen with jQuery Accordion view.



The Advanced tab also is where you set the section ordering for the accordion or the non-accordion booking screens.


There are a couple of rules listed at the bottom of the screen.

  • DO NOT set the same data in more than on section.
  • Submit should always be last.
  • You must have a Cat/Res/Srv, Timeslot Select and a Submit.


The Wizard screen works the same except resource and timeslots are always on the first wizard tab so they cannot be put into the accordion.



ddslick does not work in a jQuery accordion section so ddslick is not compatible with Simple or GAD Accordion view. Because the resource dropdown is not in the accordion for the Wizard booking screen, ddslisk and accordion are okay together there.