ABPro 4.0 feature - Payage

ABPro 4 can use the Joomla component Payage to handle booking payments. The component must be installed and setup before ABPro can use it.


Payage appears as a payment processor in the ABPro Payment Processors screen.


Set the Payage Account Group and Currency you wish ABPro to use.


When the ABPro booking screen loads Payment Processors it will fetch Payage processors that match the Group and Currency.

Note: ABPro has no concept of currency, it just deals with numbers. If you set a booking costs at 123.45, that will be the value charged in the Payage currency you set the in ABPro Payage setup screen above. For example if you set the ABPro Payage currency as EUR, it will charge the customer 123.45 Euros, if set to GBP the customer get charged in Pounds Sterling. ABPro has no support for converting currency so you need to set one currency for all customers.