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ABPro 4.0 feature - User Credit Purchase

ABPro has long had a User Credit system which allows users to prepay for bookings. See User Credit System.

The credits needed to be purchased outside of ABPro and manually added to the user's account by admin.

Another option was to use the Virtumart plug-in and sell credits that way. While it works fine, it is a bit complex to setup.


ABPro 4 supports a simple way of selling User Credit 'product' from with ABPro.


In back-end Admin you can use the Products screen to define User Credit packages to sell. A product might be $100 of credit. You can then sell that product for $100, or a reduced amount, thereby offering a discount for prepayment of bookings.








After purchase is complete, the user can go to their My Bookings screen to see the new credit balance.

If the user did not already have a User Credit account in ABPro, one will be created for them.


Ensure the menu call to the products page is behind a login so only logged in users can access it, and the credits can be applied to the correct user.