ABPro 4.0.1 feature - Calendar View

The Calendar View is added to your menu like any other view.

Note: At this time putting the Calendar View in a submenu is not supported. Calendar View must in call from a top level menu.

Note 1: At this time Calendar View is not compatible with setting ABPro's Login Required = Yes.

This How-To shows some ways to tailor the screen to your specific ABPro setup.


Mouseover Availability

The feature is enabled in the Joomla Menu setup screen, Advanced tab, by setting Timelsot Tooltip = Yes.

Depending on your setup (number of timeslots, template, etc) you may want to change the size of the popup and/or the slots within it.

Edit file: \components\com_rsappt_pro3\script.js

At line 4587 look for:

var line_height = 25; 
var v_padding = 5;
var h_padding = 0;
var h_text_padding = 10;
var dialog_width = 175;
var rect_width = 70;
var font_size = 12;


The mouseover popup is not available on mobile devices are they have no mouse.



CSS for Resource Links

When the resource link is added to the calendar, it has a class based on the resource id. These can be used to modify the display.

Example for Resource id 123:

    -moz-border-radius: 5;

This can also be used to make the font smaller or larger depending on your template and resource name lengths.