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ABPro is a native Joomla component that runs under Joomla versions 2.5 and 3.x


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Appointment Booking Pro

An appointment booking tool for your Joomla site. Define any number of timeslots that a resource is available. A user can see when the resource is available and book an appointment. Timeslots are day-of-the-week based, not date based so it is easy to setup your availability and it will repeat week-to-week. The system supports book-offs for days the resource is not available. The Appointment Booking Pro component is ideally suited to businesses that run with daily appointments like doctors or hair stylists. With the ability to limit bookings to a specific block of dates, it can also be used for event based appointments like parent - teacher interviews or class sign-ups.

Web Designers - ABPro is a generic appointment booking tool that you can implement in any sites you build. Add the Swiss-army-knife of timeslot booking to your tool box.

Version 3.0.3 new features

  • Message Center - Define resource and/or category specific message sets.
  • New Payment Processors, Goolge Wallet - Digital Goods, Advanced Integration Method (AIM)
  • Daily Book-Offs, define a part day book-off that occurs based on day of the week. (normally book-offs are date specific).
  • Mobile friendly front end AdminAdvanced Admin, My Bookings screen, Front Desk and Staff Booking screens.
  • Early Booking Discount at resource or service level. You can offer a discount on bookings made x days before the appointment date.


Version 3.0.1 new features

  • Shopping Cart read more..
  • Rate Overrides. You can define a rate for the public, then define an override rate(s) based on the Joomla group that the user is assigned to. Rate overrides are applicable to resource, service, extra or seat type. When a registered user logs in they get the override rate automatically.
  • Twillio SMS support, added to existing Clickatell and EzTexting provider selection.
  • When you allow current day bookings, ABPro will not show slots for time that has passed or is inside the minimum lead time set for the resource.
  • After Appointment message. Can be sent interactively, automatically on status change by admin [optional], via cron module, x days after appointment. Send a 'Thank You', or a 'Time to re-book' message.


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Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart functionality for ABPro

Multiple bookings in a single transaction!

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ABPro + Plotalot

ABPro data visualization with Plotalot


"Just thought I'd pass along some positive feedback from my client:

"All of us are excited about our new online booking!! Shanyn & Chelsea said it’s “fun”; even I’m getting the hang of it!  There are still a few glitches so we’re having another meeting on Tuesday - but all of us are thrilled!  Thank you! Thank you!"

The "glitches" they mentioned are all minor and I've tweaked a few settings and answered a few questions to address them. Overall they're very happy. "

Chris C

Hi , im back  After using appbooking pro for 3 years successfully i have tried another booking system for a new site that was more expensive, promised a lot but full of errors and the developers wanted to suck the $$ for every little request.

Anyways, great to be back here 

"thanks for all the help you have given me over the past few months. We have managed to get the system to work so that multiple businesses around the country can log into our website and manage appointments for their own businesses through the ABPro System."


"Must be some kind of record...
12 meeting rooms setup
2 training rooms setup
All allocated to main office
30 min time slots set for each resource
Now allows for 30min, 1 hour, 1.5 hour, 2 hours and All day booking
Setup and ready to go BOOM!