Appointment Booking 
solutions for Joomla, since 2008.

Define any number/size of timeslots that your resource is available. 
A visitor can see when the resource is available, and book an appointment. 

Timeslots can be day-of-the-week based, or date based, so it's easy to setup your availability. Have your resource's availability repeat week-to-week or only specific dates. The system supports book-offs for days the resource is not available. 

Appointment Booking Pro is ideally suited to businesses that run with daily appointments like clinics, spas or hair stylists. With the ability to limit bookings to a specific block of dates, it can also be used for event based appointments like parent - teacher interviews or class sign-ups.

As of September 2018, ABPro is in maintenance mode and no further development is planned. read more..

Looking for a Meeting Room booking solution?

"We have been using the booking system to manage conference rooms since Jan 2015, and so far the system has handled 6000 bookings without any incidents whatsoever! Well done!" .. "running the system on self service tablets mounted outside conference rooms, display boards for upcoming meetings at reception"
Morgan L, Sept 2015 

Demo here

Web Designers
Appointment Booking Pro is your generic appointment booking tool!

You can implement in any sites you build.
Add the Swiss-army-knife of timeslot booking to your tool box.
Your clients deserve the best. You deserve professional support. Appointment Booking Pro delivers.

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Lots of different configurations of ABPro to see and test.


The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming.

As a first step in your GDPR compliance you can add a simple UDF (User Defined Field), to your booking screen, that requires customers grant you permission to store their name and email address as part of an appointment booking.

This shows your customers that you are concerned about their personal data and solicits an acknowledgement that they are okay with you collecting it.



The above message is just an example, and you can tailor it to your business, maybe providing a phone number or email address if the customer wants their data removed.


By design ABPro has no facility to automatically delete any data. ABPro does provide tools to let your administrator delete old booking data.

How often you purge old booking data is up to you.

Two ways to purge old data are:

  1. From the back end Administrator, Appointments screen, filter by a date range then select the bookings and hit 'Remove'.

  2. In the Backup/Restore screen there is a function to purge all data older than a user specified date.


At this time, I am not aware of how/if the Joomla Team are dealing with GDPR.


Registered users are welcome to add their comments to the ongoing forum thread


New GDPR screen ABPro 4.0.3 RC5...

The new GDPR screen in ABPro allows a customer to see all their appointment information, and cancel the booking to remove all information. 

See How-To for its setup and use.


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"ABPro is my all time favorite component in Joomla because of it's maturity and feature set."

 Prakash, April 2015 

"Can I compliment you on your extension and the ongoing improvements that have been made over the years.

Its a fantastic extension to have for joomla."

Michael, Jan 2015


Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart functionality for ABPro

Multiple bookings in a single transaction!

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