ABPro link plug-in

You can add a link to ABPro into a content page.

This might be used where you describe a resource then have a 'Book Now!' link to go to ABPro. The link can open ABPro in a specific mode, date, grid time range, etc. Because the link can have several options this plug-in was developed to assist in creating it.

With the plug-in enabled a link can be added to a page with something as simple as..

Here shown here as an image so Joomla won't make it into a link.


Here in action..

Book Now!

In this case the booking screen opens with settings based on the ABPro Configuration settings.


The plug-in allows you to override the default settings..


 Fields left empty in the plug-in setup screen will default to the component settings.


 You can also override in the tag itself so you can have multiple different links on the same page..

Book Dr Bar!


Or in a popup..



Download plug-in here 


Tag Parameters

Tag Valid Values Description
link_text Text String String to use for the link text
view gad, simple, wizard Which booking screen
mode normal, single_resource, single_category, single_service  Use only for single resource/category/service mode
id number - the id of the resource/category/service if not using normal above resource, category or service id
date YYYY-MM-DD Used for events when you want the booking screen to open showing a specific date
starttime HH:MM Use if you want the grid start time different than the component default setting.
endtime HH:MM Use if you want the grid end time different than the component default setting.
popup  Yes, No Open booking screen in popup window - not compatible with PayPal 
popup_x number  width of the popup window 
popup_y  number  height of the popup window 
link_class a class you have defined for your Joomla content pages Class to be used to display the link in the content page.
link_image Absolute path to an image If you wish to use an image link rather than text, enter the path to the image here.



  1. Requires ABPro running under Joomla 2.5 or 3.0
  2. Popup uses an iFrame and is not compatible with PayPal. Authroize.net and 2Checkout.com appear to work fine through an iFrame.
  3. Popup requires ABPro 2.0.5, 3.0 or the minor code change to the confirmation screen explained in setup 2 of this How-to


 Example from demo page..