Change Log ABPro 3

ABPro Change Log for ABPro Joomla 3.x


New in version 3.0.6:

  • Graphics and Text in booking screen dropdown lists.
  • Resource images can be displayed in the booking screen grid header.
  • Invoicing - ABPro 3.0.6 works with ccInvoices, creating invoices and updating ABPro when the invoice is paid. Requires Invoice plugins.
  • Birthday Coupons - Support for the Birthday Coupons cron module.
  • Gift Certificates - Create any number of gift certificates with any balance. Given to a customer, they can pay for their booking(s) with the certificate's balance. Create/Sell certificates to customers that they can then give as gifts to friends and family. Note: ABPro manages certificate numbers/balances only. It does not create printable certificates. If required, you would do that outside of ABPro and enter the number/balance into ABPro.
  • Quick Status Change - optionally staff screens can display drop down list for status so a booking's status can be changed without going into the detail screen.
  • Placeholder text for UDFs (set in UDF setup screen) and generic (set in language file) for name, email, phone, coupon and goft certificate.
  • Admin comment on User Credit change.
  • Front end admin screens, fliter by payment status added.
  • Copy Timeslots, when setting new publish dates, not working. Fixed
  • 'Previous' button on the public grid will disable to prevent customer from scrolling into the past.
  • Code to support dynamically resized iFrame for ABPro Popup Caller mondule.
  • Menu setting for 'default' Resource or Category.

beta 2 (March 10/15)

  • When using ddSlick it takes a bit longer to build the dropdown lists so selecting a timeslot in single day now shows a wait cursor. 
  • Loading Resource and/or Category lists twice sometimes. Fixed

beta 3 (March 26/15)

  • Auto Resource - Allow any registered user to make themselves a resource and accept appointments.
  • Category/Service pseudo relationship. If a resource is assigned to multiple categories, set what services appear for the resource, based on the selected category. New
  • Changes/fixes to the Facebook specific booking screen.
  • Large values of Extra duration adjustment not displaying properly, also un-selecting extra not removing duration adjustment. Fixed
  • ccInvoice item name and description settings missing from the ABPro Configure screen, Staff tab. Fixed

RC 1 (April 20/15)

  • Simple Booking Screen with single resource, selected time showing same start and end times. Fixed
  • Simple Booking Screen with menu set to Single Resource mode, not showing date selector. Fixed
  • When using Categories, hide resource label when resource dropdown is hidden.
  • Install script not loading file fe_val_edit_pt2.php. Fixed
  • Install script not adding confirmation attachment field. Fixed
  • Typo in install script for payment pending status. Fixed
  • When creating timeslot series, Save is ok but the Save&New is not working. Fixed
  • Long Date Format setting not being applied to end date token. Fixed

RC 2 (May 20/15)

  • The new service/category relationship not being applied to sub-categories. Fixed
  • When running with a resource Max Seats > 1, sometimes(?) the second booking attempt shifts the selected slot over one. Fixed
  • Using service based duration the slot on screen is not adjusting size. Also the front end validation is not catching bookings overlapping other bookings or book-offs.
  • ABPro can get locked in a state where the config screen will not come up. Fixed
  • Adding a new timeslot series, start/end publishing not being considered when checking for conflicts with existing slots. Fixed
  • When fee is set as percentage, screen calculation not rounding to 2 places during totaling. Fixed
  • Front end Copy Book-Offs not functioning. Fixed
  • With Max Seats > 1, and no services for you resource, and the resource selected from the dropdown, the seats types are not dipslyed. Fixed

RC 3 (June 21/15)

  • Front end Advanced Admin, sort and filter settings, not carrying through to printer friendly view. Fixed
  • When using Gift Certificates, refund on cancel not being applied back to the certificate. Fixed.
  • Front Desk server calls changed to synchronous, with wait message feedback, to better handle large data volumes.
  • Rate and Seat Adjustments, list screens, not fully translating on non-English sites. Fixed
  • In confirmation messages, when using service and/or category tokens AND some resources not using services/categories the token is being replaced with customer name. Fixed
  • When using the shopping cart with PayPal, and the cart total exceeds $1000, the total is not getting passed to PayPal correctly. Fixed.
  • Errors on the Front Desk interactive Thank You message call. Fixed

RC 4 (July 23/15)

  • CSS change to bring GAP div in line.
  • If running with a single timeslot that covers the entire day, AND Time on Y-Axis (or mobile views) the selected timeslot div can encrouch on the 'Next' button and may prevent it from being clicked. Fixed
  • Cancel Link screen date not being translated. Fixed
  • On the Simple booking screen, the 'No Timeslots' message not being translated. Fixed
  • When using a link to call ABPro in single resource mode, the mobile Wizard view not displaying resource correctly. Fixed
  • Simple booking screen under SSL making non-SSL link to jQuery. Fixed.

RC 5 (September 29/15)

  • When using a forced gap, on the mobile view, or the GAD view with Time on Y-axis, the gap is positioned a few pixels too low. Fixed
  • When using Time on Y-axis, center vertical positioning of the image in the timeslot.
  • Copy Resource missing some new fields. Fixed


New in version 3.0.5:

  • JQuery date picker used on all front end screens.
  • Discount to (-)$ will limit at $0
  • Configurable long date format for tokens
  • Configurable Staff allowed to make bookings x days in the past
  • New payment status 'refunded', note: no action is taken by ABPro, it never does refunds to payment processors, this is just for your records.
  • Option to have booking requests block slots when auto-accept = no. 

Limitations: Confirmation attachment is not supported for the shopping cart as it does not use the Mail Center

 beta 2 (November 9/14)

  • Conflicts with existing bookings will be reported at the time the user selects the slot, or changes duration. (previously only reported in submit validation). New
  • Error when creating timeslot series. Fixed.
  • Warning message showing on resource setup screen pertaining to AcyMailing if the component is not installed. Fixed
  • Front end appointment details screen will fail to open if all SEO is disabled (or running non-Joomla SEO). Fixed
  • Various problems on advanced admin screens when SEO disabled (or running non-Joomla SEO). Fixed

 beta 3 (November 21/14)

  • Seat Adjustments - Define adjustments to a resource's Max Seats by day and/or time. For example 3 more seats weekends, or maybe 2 less seat for 6:00AM booking. New
  • Support for Google Calendar API v3. If you were using Google Calendar with a previous version of ABPro you will need to setup again using the totally different v3 API. See the Google Setup procedures on

 beta 4 (November 30/14)

  • If 'Date Picker Start Day' is set as Monday, the blocking of dates in the Simple Booking screen is off by one day. Fixed
  • If a start date was specified for a Simple Booking screen, the screen opens with 'Select a Date' rather than the specified date pre-set. Fixed
  • Popup Caller not displaying confirmation screen correctly. Fixed
  • Date Picker language translations folder missing from distribution. Fixed
  • Error on standalone cancel booking screen. Fixed
  • Google Calendar title not being translated. Fixed
  • Service Durations specified as hours appearing as minutes. Fixed

beta 5 (December 14/14)

  • When using {hide_on_screen} or {hide_in_email} tags with an HTML table inside, the section was not being removed. Fixed
  • When using {hide_on_screen} with no {hide_in_email}, the tag itself was not being reoved from the email. Fixed
  • Notices appearing on staff booking screen confirmation under php 5.5. Fixed
  • Problem displaying non-English dates on grid of the booking screen mobile views, and when Time on Y-Axis set to Yes. Fixed.
  • Added additional logic to deal with problems specific to dates on Greek language sites. Fixed
  • With SMS enabled and not sending SMS notifications to the resource and error will report. Fixed

RC 1 (January 4/15)

  • When using the staff booking screen, and coupons with user specific limits set, the usage count calculation is using the operator id, rather than the selected customer's id. Fixed
  • Error on Front Desk screen when calling 'Printer Friendly' view. Fixed

RC 2 (February 4/15)

  • When using the Wizard booking screen and setting a radio button as a required field, the validation was not catching a non-selected radio button. Fixed
  • When using Extras the minimum specified in the Extras setup screen not being honored. Fixed
  • The second time a date picker is accessed, if the format is dd-mm-yy and the day/month is ambiguous, the day/month is switching from dd-mm to mm-dd. Fixed

RC 3 (March 2/15)

  • If you have selected a timeslot in a position where the datepicker popup will appear over it, the selected slot shows through the calendar. Fixed
  • On the Front Desk, Week view, part day Book-offs on a day with other bookings are not displaying properly. Fixed
  • When using the Front Desk to edit a booking's dates, on a mobile device, the end date is not getting changed. Fixed
  • Date picker icon not showing, on Simple booking screen, when run under SSL. Fixed
  • Errors on 'View Cart' if ABPro set to require login, and no payment processors enabled. Fixed
  • On non-English sites, the View Cart was showing dates in English. Fixed
  • Cart modified to use the grid date format specified in config.
  • AIM payment processor not switching to the production server when told to. Fixed
  • Date picker tooltip not pulling from language file. Fixed.
  • When manually setting a booking to 'accepted', the confirmation email not honoring the {hide_on_screen} token. Fixed


New in version 3.0.4:

  • Rate Adjustments - Define rate adjustments by day and/or time. 
    Ex 10% higher rate on weekends, or maybe $2 off a 6:00AM booking.
  • Force a gap between bookings when using Service Based Duration.
  • New Mobile booking screens.
  • Dynamically adjusting timeslots support added to Time on Y-Axis view.
  • Just in time Submit. The buttons for submit and/or payment only appear when resource, date and time are selected. 

 beta 2 (August 24/14)

  • Problem with INS return. Fixed
  • When using (AIM) or Google Wallet, form validation failure not re-enabling the payment buttons. Fixed
  • JSON error with Goolge Wallet under php 5.5. Fixed

 beta 3 (September 2/14)

  • Just in time submit disabled if cart is in use.
  • Back end Admin and front end Advance Admin Resource lists filter by category. New
  • Time zone problem on first row of grid causing miscalculation of available slots. Fixed
  • Daily book-offs appearing on top of regular book-offs. Fixed.
  • Search feature added to BE admin, FE Advanced Admin and mobile, Coupon List screen.
  • When using Extras durations, without Service duration, the duration not decrementing if extras number reduced. Fixed
  • Not loading the back end User Search code from the distribution file. Fixed
  • Use tags in messages to tailor for screen or email. New

 beta 4 (October 2/14)

  • Force gap not blocking when gap runs onto a following booking or book-off. Fixed
  • With Rate Adjustments enabled, for a non-logged-in visitor, running IE 11, the bookings costs will fail to display. Fixed
  • Not saving Extras quantity correctly. Fixed
  • User initiated cancel not displaying the correct message centre 'Too late to Cancel' message. Fixed
  • When Shopping Cart set to Staff Only, the View Cart function is not working in the Staff Booking screen. Fixed 

 RC 1 (November 2/14)

  • Strange display of Resource detail screen is mcrypt is not enabled. Fixed
  • Date picker on Copy Timeslots screen for changing publish dates not working. Fixed
  • JQuery errors on Facebook app. Fixed


 New in version 3.0.3:

  • Message Center - Define resource and/or category specific message sets.
  • Date Picker format - Set the front end date picker format.
  • Set minimum value for Extra.
  • Major under-the-hood changes to make adding new payment processors easier.
  • New Payment Processors: (AIM), Goolge Wallet.
  • All AJAX server calls rewritten to use JQuery
  • Cart changed from sqeezebox to JQuery dialog.

  beta 2 (May 28/14)

  • Book-offs now show in the Front Desk 'day' and 'week' view.
  • In Advanced Admin and Customer History, the 'Clear Dates' link is not processed until the 2nd click. Fixed.
  • Optionally show tooltips with JQuery tooltip for advanced styling.
  • Optionally show UDF Help as icon with JQuery tooltip.
  • UDF Help can be either text of a link to an html file.
  • Wizard booking screen not displaying translated key in the summary page for multi-language sites. Fixed

 beta 3 (June 12/14) 

  • Daily Book-Offs, define a part day book-off that occurs by day-of-the-week. This would be used to block one or more fixed time periods each day when no bookings are allowed, typically lunch time. This will block bookings that use Service based duration from extending into your lunch or break time.
  • JQuery tooltips on dropdowns disabled if user is running IE due to strange behavior of IE lists.
  • Additional enhancements to the Date UDF: 
    • Any date can be chosen, not limited to future dates.
    • Year navigation shown on the popup
    • Adheres to the date picker format setting in the configure screen.
  • When using Google Calendar, message body not getting sent to Google. Fixed

 beta 4 (June 20/14)

  • Mobile friendly front end Admin, Advanced Admin and My Bookings views.

 beta 5 (July 11/14)

  • Simple booking screens now display calculated appointment start/end times when using Service or Extra adjusted duration.
  • Shopping Cart submit not working on mobile device. Fixed
  • Shopping Cart PayPal submit not working of non-Pay button disabled. Fixed
  • Front Desk not translating Service name. Fixed
  • Some front end screens not translating Category name. Fixed
  • Early Booking Discount at resource or service level. You can offer a discount on bookings made x days before the appointment date.

beta 6 (July 16/14)

  • Front Desk, Day View, new booking screen opens with grid set to the day currently being displayed. New
  • In the booking screen, if the user selects a category with multiple resources after viewing a category with only one resource, the grid was not changing to multi-resource view. Fixed
  • Part day book-offs not working correctly in single day booking screen view. Fixed
  • Daily book-offs not preventing slots from showing in Simple booking screen. Fixed
  • Submit buttons not getting disabled when clicked leaving a possibility for double bookings if Max Seats >1 and customer clicks again while initial click being processed. Fixed

beta 6b (July 17/14)

  • Submit hanging on mobile devices and simple booking screen. Fixed

RC 1 (August 14/14)

  • Calling a booking screen in single service mode not setting service correctly. Fixed
  • The setting for attaching .ICS file, to a confirmation email, not being read from Mail Centre correctly. Fixed
  • Incorrect resource prompt displayed on simple booking screen views. Fixed
  • Staff booking screen Submit buttons not getting disabled when clicked leaving a possibility for double bookings if Max Seats >1 and customer clicks again while initial click being processed. Fixed
  • When using the Front Desk with the category dropdown enabled, the category filter selection is not staying correctly when you move off page and return. Fixed

RC 2 (August 30/14)

  • Problem with INS return. Fixed
  • When using (AIM) or Google Wallet, form validation failure not re-enabling the payment buttons. Fixed
  • JSON error with Goolge Wallet under php 5.5. Fixed
  • Time zone problem on first row of grid causing miscalculation of available slots. Fixed
  • Daily book-offs appearing on top of regular book-offs. Fixed.
  • Not loading the back end User Search code from the distribution file. Fixed


New in version 3.0.2:

  • Improved error reporting.
  • Validation added to check that service based duration does not push booking passed end of the last timeslot of the day.
  • Improved date picker positioning in mobile devices
  • Improved Cart view for mobile devices.
  • Option to force display of the Simple booking screen when mobile device is detected.
  • Staff Only timeslots. Define slots that only appear on the staff booking screen. Staff can book outside of times the public can book.
  • Show Book-Offs on the Front Desk month view
  • New token [extras_total]
  • Horizontal display of resource specific UDF radio buttons
  • Minimum Seats setting on Seat Types.
  • Staff Only extras. Define extras that only appear on the staff booking screen.
  • Enable shopping cart for public, staff, both or none. Staff cart does not support override of status or disabling confirmations emails.

 beta 2 (Dec 29/13)

  • When using the shopping cart, and PayPal, and a coupon to bring cost to $0, the confirmation screen does not display correctly. Fixed.
  • When using the Simple Booking screen, staff_only slots being shown to public after the first booking is made. Fixed
  • Validations for booking conflict and seat counts added to the staff booking edit screen.
  • In the Front Desk, if month is advanced to the next year, changing the resource resets the year. Fixed
  • Show 'Close' button at the bottom of the booking screen if called from Link Plug-in as a popup window.

beta 3 (Jan 23/14)

  • Saving an existing Timeslot will fail with a conflict message. Fixed
  • Creating a Book-Off series, from the front end Advanced Admin screen, works fine under FF, but only creates the first item under IE or Chrome browsers. Fixed
  • When using, transaction details not being saved to transaction table. Fixed
  • Removed public booking screen from Front Desk options, must be Staff or None.
  • Changed front end admin form classes to sv_adminForm to avoid conflicts with class name adminForm elsewhere in Joomla.

beta 3b (Jan 28/14)

  • PayPal IPN not working. Fixed
  • Timeslot conflict checking limited to slots not using publish dates.

beta 4 (Feb 14/14)

  • 'Continue' link not working in reminder results screen on Front Desk. Fixed
  • Front Desk SMS reminder returns error message is no customer email address is found. Fixed
  • Front Desk SMS reminders not being sent. Fixed
  • Reminder Log 'remove' function not working. Fixed
  • Cancel button on passenger manifest not working. Fixed
  • Setting MySQL locale for reminders to ensure date language translations are correct
  • Modified radio button UDF display to take less room and place required symbol on the same row.
  • Renamed function sendSMS to sv_sendSMS to avoid conflict server utility that has shown up on a couple of sites. 
  • Back end, Categories list screen, database error if you sort by Parent Category, Fixed

 RC 1 (Mar 30/14)

  • Mapping to Joomla Profile Plug-in not working on Windows servers. Fixed
  • SMS Reminder from front end Advanced Admin, after upgrading ABPro, does not send anything on some sites. Fixed
  • In Resource detail screen, category list showing unpublished categories. Fixed
  • Not restoring User Credit Activity or Rate Override data on Restore. Fixed
  • When creating a timeslot series with duration that is a multiple of the range, the final slot is not created. Fixed
  • On the Simple booking screen, resource specific UDFs were being displayed below Extras and Seats. Fixed

 RC 2 (April 30/14)

  • Registry getValue depricated by Joolma, some old cases still found in payment prcessors. Fixed
  • SMS notification with payment processor hitting code with depricated syntax. Fixed
  • Payment processor return not seeing payment as completed in some cases. Fixed
  • Add to Cart failing for GAD and Wizard screen on some servers. Fixed.
  • Front end Advanced Admin not showing tabs correctly under SSL. Fixed
  • Security fix to vulnerability that could allow malicious user to delete bookings.


New in version 3.0.1:

  • Shopping Cart read more..
  • Rate Overrides. You can define a rate for the public, then define an override rate(s) based on the Joomla group that the user is assigned to. Rate overrides are applicable to resource, service, extra or seat type. When a registered user logs in they get the override rate automatically.
  • Config settings to turn on/off columns in the admin Appointments list.
  • When you allow current day bookings, ABPro will not show slots for time that has passed or is inside the minimum lead time set for the resource

 beta 1 (Apr 9/13)

  • Last timeslot of the day (23:00-23:55) not being calculated as if to 24:00. Fixed.
  • Services list screen now shows all services, selecting a resource filters the list to that specific resource. New
  • When using the Facebook app, and error screen is displayed instead of the booking confirmation. Fixed.

 beta 2 (May 2/13) 

  • User Credit lists and search, as well as staff booking screen user list and search, show username as well as name to cover cases where multiple users have the same name.
  • Front end Advanced Admin showing services that the operator is not set as resource-admin for. Fixed.
  • If a front-end admin operator has only been assigned to administer one resource, the Advanced Admin screens will open with that resource pre-selected. New
  • Radio button UDFs display horizontally or vertically, set by 'columns' setting in UDF setup. New
  • Not translating the 'Checked' value for checkbox UDFs. Fixed
  • 'Extra' charges setting to $0 when rate overrides are disabled. Fixed
  • Apostrophes in a URL causing Joomla 3.1.1 to throw an exception. Modified validation to replace them with ’.

 beta 3 (June 2/13)

  • Cart message data types changed to TEXT to support larger messages.
  • 'After Booking' message for 'Thank You' or 'Time to Re-book'. New
  • Error on restoring a user's credit when canceling a booking. Fixed
  • Payment gateway 2Checkout not working. Fixed
  • Service and Seat rates not being called unless rate override enabled. Fixed
  • When using shopping cart on the Simple Booking screen, from a mobile device, the popup telling the visitor that their booking was added to the cart was not showing. Fixed

   beta 4 (June 30/13)

  • Support for Twilio SMS provider added. New.
  • SMS setup moved from Config screen to new section 'SMS Processors'
  • Improved css for slot alignment with Time on Y-Axis = yes.
  • Under Joomla 3.1.1 ABPro User Search screens fail if search criteria entered includes an apostrophe. Fixed
  • On IE and Chrome the code to replace apostrophes, for 3.1.1, only replacing the first one found. Fixed
  • Back-end Appointments list not showing pagination limit dropdown. Fixed.
  • Changes required to support PayPal on mobile app. New

   RC 1 (July 29/13)

  • Support for added to Shopping cart. New.

   RC 2 (Sept 16/13)

  • If you are using categories AND have multiple resources defined for a category AND access via a mobile device, the screen defaults to single resource mode rather than single day. Fixed
  • Shopping cart Add-to-Cart fails if SEO 'Adds Suffix to URL' enabled. Fixed
  • If using the Front Desk read-only booking detail view, the parameters to hide costs and UDFs not being honored. Fixed

   RC 3 (October 16/13)

  • Export to CSV not working under IE. Fixed
  • For the front end Advanced Admin screen, if you configure to hide the Resources tab, the other tabs do not operate correctly. Fixed
  • Not storing the default SMS county code in the booking detail. Fixed

  RC 4 (December 2/13)

  • Security update release, SQL error information output to aid in troubleshooting could be used by a malicious person to learn your database table prefixes.




New in version 3.0:

Support for Joomla 3.0 - ABPro 3 will ONLY run on Joomla 3.0 or higher.

To migrate settings and data from 2.x to 3:

1. Make a backup of your ABPro 2.x using ABPro's backup
2. Copy _backup tables to your Joomla 3 server
3. Use ABPro 3's 'Restore from an ABPro 2 backup' option.

See also


beta 2 (Dec 10/12)

  • Error on save when creating a new service. Fixed
  • Required fields will show a red * beside them. New
  • Booking screen email validation switched to use php's built-in filter. New
  • Simple Booking screen, mobile view, errors when using categories. Fixed
  • Front end Advanced Admin, Coupon screen allows a coupon save without specifing a resource. Fixed
  • 'Date' type UDF now supported, with date picker popup. New
  • Resource specific UDFs not showing in the Staff booking screen. Fixed
  • Error message displayed on timeslot creation. Fixed
beta 3 (Dec 14/12)
  • Destination resource list not displaying properly on front-end copy for services and book-offs. Fixed
  • Some development code left in beta 2 that may prevent emails from being sent on some sites. Fixed

beta 4 (Dec 28/12)

  • User Credit screen, 'remove' function not working. Fixed
  • User Credit screen, 'new' now offers a search popup to find a user. New
  • Improved handling of large user bases with the Staff Booking screen. New
  • Date picker icons not appearing in back-end admin screens. Fixed 

beta 5 (Feb 10/13) 

  • Token for today's date, [today]. New.
  • 'Print this page' button on confirmation screens. New.
  • Front Desk menu parameters not flowing through to booking detail screen with SEO enabled. Fixed.
  • Mobile_Detect load conflict with some templates. Fixed.
  • Phone and Email will show a 'required' symbol if so enabled, name will always show it. New.
  • Support for creating a Non-Expiring coupon. New.
  • Coupon Copy functionality added to admin. New.
  • Front Desk printer friendly view, for printing daily or weekly booking sheet. New.

 RC 1 (Feb 24/13)

  • After doing an export the default screen task is sticking on export. Fixed.
  • When using Profile mapping to UDFs, the read-only setting not being honored. Fixed
  • Cancel Booking screen, accessed via menu. New

 RC 2 (Apr 8/13) 

  • Grid start date set from UTC date/time on (some?) Windows servers, should be local date/time based. Fixed.
  • With SMS turned off, a null is set into the booking and since the drop down in the booking detail has only yes/no it shows as yes. Fixed.
  • Accented characters in a Joomla Profile not rendereing correctly when mapped to a UDF. Fixed
  • JDate error on back-end admin manaully changing a booking to 'accepted'. Fixed
  • Last timeslot of the day (23:00-23:55) noty being calculated as if to 24:00. Fixed.
  • When using the Facebook app, and error screen is displayed instead of the booking confirmation. Fixed.