Change log for ABPro 4

New in version 4.0.3:

  • This is a compliance release. The Joomla gods have decreed that everything on the Joomla Extensions Directory must support the Joomla Update system. This release does.
  • In place updating, just install new release over old. 

beta 2 (May 17/17)

  • Shopping Cart bookings are now displayed in date order, rather than order they were added to the cart.
  • Problems with using Display Simple on Mobile = Yes with ABPro 4.0.3. Fixed
  • Google Wallet removed but some code still looking for transactions table causing errors. Fixed.
  • When using the shopping cart with PayPal, the confirmation screen shows payment in progress even when complete. Fixed
  • When using the shopping cart with PayPal, the notification email to the resource is not being sent. Fixed
  • Export enhancements - select which fields are to be exported, set header text rather than using the field name, set field order. See Configure screen, Export tab.

beta 3 (May 23/17)

  • Edit Files screen not saving properly. Fixed

beta 4 (June 29/17)

  • Export will now use the date format set in the GAD booking screen.
  • Copy Book-Offs screen still using old datepicker. Updated.
  • Stripe payment processor not working correctly with the ABPro Shopping Cart. Fixed

beta 5 (July 27/17)

  • The red *, for required fields, not showing for resource specific UDFs. Fixed.
  • 'Enter' key triggering hidden submit on booking screens. Fixed
  • Database error message when exporting from the Front Desk. Fixed
  • Staff booking screen on mobile device not displaying resources. Fixed.
  • Added week number to the staff booking screen date picker.
  • If using multiple seats per booking, and status quick change option, and Front Desk views showing seat counts, changing status is not updating the onscreen total seat counts. Fixed
  • In the single day booking screen view, if using service based duration, and the default service duration is longer than the timeslot, the first click is not resizing to the correct duration. Fixed

RC 1 (August 27/17)

  • The Quick Status Change option, on the staff screens, is now compatible with Google Calendar.
  • If using a language key for dropdown list or radio button items, the items are displayed as a single long entry. Fixed.

RC 2 (October 20/17)

  • Free Booking setting not working for Simple Booking screen AND the Shopping Cart. Fixed
  • When using ABPro's forced gap option, a popup will warn customers if the slot they chose + the gap will conflict with an existing booking. Previously they would not know until submit validation.
  • With ABPro set for unlimited bookings (Max Seats = 0) the conflict checking code was blocking when it should not. Fixed
  • Modification to make ABPro work with latest version of Payage/Mollie.

RC 3 (November 20/17)

  • When manually accepting bookings via the front desk, the message centre setting to attach an .ics file is not being followed. Fixed
  • Stripe processing was not picking up resource specific Stripe keys. Fixed
  • Specifying popup help on UDFs causing mobile view problems on some templates. Fixed
  • Enabling Notification list can cause problems for normal bookings. Fixed

RC 4 (January 12/18)

  • When using the Calendar view, and part day book-offs, the mouse over popup on the calendar view is not showing the part day book-offs. Fixed
  • When using Mollie payment processor, the submit button not being disabled when processing the click. Fixed
  • When using timeslot publish start/end dates, and setting for only a single date to be published, the Calendar View was not seeing those slots. Fixed

RC 5 (April 12/18)

  • With the Simple bookings screen, the Minimum Lead time was only honored at submit, now the timeslots that are too close to book will be removed from the time dropdown. This will make the Simple screen behave like the GAD and Wizard.
  • Added fixed start date via menu setup screens.
  • Button text for the Notification List popup added to language file.
  • the "Print this page" button on the confirmation screens now only prints the confirmation message, not the entire page.
  • GDPR screen added to allow customers to see all their booking data.

RC 6 (May 7/18)

  • GDPR screen would not work for bookings that had passed or already cancelled. Fixed 

RC 7 (September 6/18)

  • Problem with Captcha on the Simple booking screen. Fixed
  • Removed "Print this Page" mod, added in RC5, as it was causing problems on too many sites.

RC 8 (not released)

  • Notification List feature not triggering emails when a booking is cancelled by the user via the Cancel Link. Fixed

RC 9 (January 30/19)

  • On some sites, warnings showing on screen even with Joomla set to only show errors (default setting). Fixed to remove warnings.
  • Enter key in a textarea causing submit. Fixed
  • Auto-Resource Control Panel Message Centre throwing security error. Fixed
  • When creating daily book-offs, the book-off will appear on the current date even if the days you set do not include the current day. Fixed

RC 10e (February 9/20)

  • Changes to deal with PHP 7.2 change to the count() function
  • Book-Dates that are unpublished continue to display. Fixed
  • Changing booking status via the Front Desk, on a mobile device, not calling Google Calendar to update booking. Fixed

RC 11 (May 13/20)

  • Changes for PHP 7.4



New in ABPro 4.0.2:

  • Notification List - When a timeslot is booked, customers can add themselves to a notification list and will receive an email message if the slot becomes available due to a cancellation. Note, this is not a wait list, slots are not held for people in the list. Slots are still first-come-first-served.
  • Service booking enhancement. New service/resource relationship supports selecting service before resource.
  • Date Specific Resource Availability - If your resource(s) is not available every week this feature lets you easily set availability by date, rather than day-of-the-week.

beta 2 (January 10/17)

  • Email Marketing not working if Shopping Cart enabled. Fixed
  • Added Purge option to Backup/Restore screen for removing old data.
  • ReCaptcha not working on mobile devices. Fixed
  • Service rates not calculating if menu setup set to select Service first. Fixed
  • Set Category's default Access Group to Public.
  • If using PayPal and the ABPro Shopping Cart, the Payment Transaction screen is showing the ABPro payment status (paid) rather than the PayPal status (Completed). Fixed
  • PayPal Transactions screen link to detail not working. Fixed.


beta 3 (February 21/17)

  • Added config setting to adjust sms phone number length.
  • Added + to phone number for non-North American Twilio customers.
  • Config setting 'Who Booked in Tooltip' now works for Max Seats = 1 rather that only when Max Seats > 1.
  • User Settable Duration added. When enabled user can drag ending time to make booking any duration they wish.
  • Support for Stripe payment processor added.


beta 4 (March 13/17)

  • When using Payage/Mollie, the resource description, rather than the name, was being stored in the Payage item data.
  • When using ReCaptcha, ABPro was not was not applying the size attribute. Fixed


beta 5 (March 19/17)

  • Emergency Security update


RC 1 (March 21/17)

  • Security update to address issues brought forward by the Joomla Vulnerable Extensions group.


RC 2 (March 24/17)

  • Enhanced security for all staff screens required by the Joomla Vulnerable Extensions group. 


RC 2a (March 26/17)

  • Some servers unaable to read ABPro versions xml file causing failure to load cpanel. Fixed


RC 2b (March 29/17)

  • Recent changes to tighten security made it so PayPal callbacks could not get through. Fixed.
  • On the timeslots list screen, a secondary sort on time has been added so when sorting by day, the slots are ordered by day, start time.
  • On the front end rate override and seat adjustments screens the times not setting properly. Fixed


RC 3 (April 6/17)

  • Friendlier security. Rather than halting with a cryptic message, now redirects to home, with a admin defined message.


RC 4 (June 5/17)

  • Problem with using 'Display Simple on Mobile'. Fixed
  • When using the shopping cart with PayPal, the confirmation screen shows payment in progress even when complete. Fixed
  • When using the shopping cart with PayPal, the notification email to the resource is not being sent. Fixed
  • Missing file sv_codeblock_security_check.php replaced.



New in ABPro 4.0.1:

  • Calendar view - Shows a calendar view, with links for the resources. Clicking on the resource name for a specific date, opens a booking screen for that resource/date. When a resource fully booked for a day, that day will show as unavailable. Optional mouseover resource popup showing slots.
  • Category access control via Joomla Groups. An ABPro Category can be made to be visible only to specific Joomla Group(s).
  • SMS enhancements, SMS confirmation (optional), SMS phone mapping to Joomla, Community Builder or JomSocial profile.
  • Per Seat Rate Adjustments, a new type of Rate Adjustment has been added to allow the adjustment to be applied per seat booked.
  • Many code changes to deal with changes in Joomla 3.5.1


beta 2 (April 27/16)

  • Problems with SMS reminders. Fixed

beta 3 (May 23/16)

  • ReCaptcha in ABPro not working after upgrade to Joomla 3.5.1. Fixed
  • Calendar View 'Today' button to return the user to the current month.
  • Calendar View not ordering resources by the 'Order' setting. Fixed


beta 4 (June 26/16)

  • If the staff booking screen is set to allow booking in the past, full day book-offs do not show. Fixed
  • If the staff booking screen is set to allow booking in the past, the date picker now enabled past dates to be selected.
  • If using staff status quick change feature, confirmation/cancellation messages not getting sent on status change. Fixed
  • In the front end admin screens, filtering on both status and payment status at the same time causes an sql error. Fixed
  • When using Categories, selecting a Category that has multiple resources is not rendering the grid. Fixed
  • Calendar View not opening booking detail correctly if the screen is called in Single Category mode. Fixed


RC 1 (July 24/16)

  • When running multi-language, editing a booking with any front end screen, would overwrite the language code of the booking to English. Fixed
  • Pagination limit box added to back end Resources list screen.
  • Fix to deal with recent change to PayPal sandbox.
  • When using PayPal, and setting ABPro to display a link to the transaction details in the back end admin appointments list, the link is not working correctly. Fixed


RC 2 (November 14/16)

  • Enhanced SIM processing of a declined transaction to make it clear to the customer the transaction was declined.
  • When using Max Seats > 1 and showing remaining seats, the number of seats left can be made to stand out via css setting.
  • Fix to Max Seats = 0 for slots to never show as full.


RC 3 (January 10/17)

  • Calendar View timeslot tooltips not working if you set your ABPro to Require Login = Yes. Fixed
  • Email Marketing not working if Shopping Cart enabled. Fixed
  • ReCaptcha not working on mobile devices. Fixed
  • Set Category's default Access Group to Public.
  • If using PayPal and the ABPro Shopping Cart, the Payment Transaction screen is showing the ABPro payment status (paid) rather than the PayPal status (Completed). Fixed
  • PayPal Transactions screen link to detail not working. Fixed.


RC 4 (March 19/17)

  • Emergency Security update


RC 5 (March 21/17)

  • Security update to address issues brought forward by the Joomla Vulnerable Extensions group.


New in version 4.0.0:

  • Accordion views - Optional accordion view for all the booking screens
  • Re-configurable layout, change the order of the layout sections in the menu setup screen.
  • Limited Support for Payage - adds these new payment methods PayPlug, SagePay, Barclaycard, Skrill and Mollie
  • Registered users can now purchase User Creditswithin ABPro.
  • Staff can view/manage a user's credit balance, and usage details, via the front end Advanced Admin screen. Access is controlled by a Joomla Group assignment.


beta 2 (October 1/15)

  • Product values limiting to max 999.00. Fixed
  • With Categories enabled, the Simple Booking screen is showing the date/time selector before the category and resource are selected. Fixed.
  • You can now specify images to be displayed with the product in the Product purchase screen. New
  • Support for Joomla Captcha plugin added. New
  • Non Payment Booking Button can now be limited by Group. New
  • Prompt for, and store, reason for user cancellation. New
  • Changed screen labels to 'label' tags to render consistently on templates that treat labels different than screen text.
  • Override resource screen label in the menu setup. Ex: in one menu resources are called "Stylists", in another menu they can be call 'Meeting Rooms"
  • Override header/footer text in the menu setup.

beta 2.1 (October 3/15)

  • Simple Booking screen not showing submit. Fixed
  • New Resource setting `Free Booking` will override payment processor and cost settings to display a submit only. Useful if you are running with paid bookings but want specific resources to be free. New


beta 3 (October 18/15)

  • Time on Y-Axis can now be overriden in the menu setup. New
  • Incorrect placeholder text in Email input box. Fixed
  • Single Category or Single Resource modes now can be used for the Front Desk screen. New
  • Part day book-offs not showing in single day view with Time on Y-Axis. Fixed
  • Option to set accordion sections to open-on-hover, set in menu setup screen. New
  • Backup/Restore will bring Google Calendar api and p12 key files forward. New
  • Attachment of .ics file not working from Staff booking screen. Fixed


beta 4 (November 2/15)

  • When enabled, the Cancel box appears twice on the Wizard booking screen. Fixed
  • Some date format settings not working in the Cancel Link screen. Fixed.
  • Logic error on the groups determination for showing a non-payment booking button. Fixed
  • Menu override for number of grid days to display. New


beta 5 (November 16/15)

  • In the Wizard booking screen, summary section, Extras values were wrapping to the line below their names. Fixed
  • Negative duration settings able to produce a booking that ends before it starts. Fixed
  • Recaptcha not centering on some templates. Fixed


RC 1 (December 13/15)

  • Extra line below labels, in costs table of the booking screen. Fixed
  • Added label ids for more granular control of the appearance of the booking costs table with CSS. New


RC 2 (January 7/16)

  • Front Desk not working on mobile devices. Fixed
  • Menu setting to control Time on Y-Axis was yes/no only, with no option to use component config setting. Fixed
  • uft8 warning messages, on confirmation screens, under php 5.6. Fixed


RC 3 (February 2/16)

  • Front Desk not not saving booking changes when 'Edit Status Only' is enabled on the menu setup. Fixed
  • When using sub-categories, an unpublished category will still show in the drop down list. Fixed
  • Costs not showing on the Shopping Cart. Fixed