ABPro Mobile (jQuery)

ABPro Mobile WEB App (jQuery)


Note: The jQuery mobile app is no longer required as ABPro 4 displays fine in a mobile device.
The jQuery app is still used by some sites because it looks more 'app' like, but the preferred approach these days is to have a mobile compatible web site rather than using an app. 


## UPDATE ##
Now with support for PayPal mobile via the mobile app.


ABPro Mobile WEB App is a pure JQuery Mobile app. It has no direct connection to Joomla at all. It uses the JSON interface developed for the native apps.

A mobile WEB app is really browser app that looks, and acts, like a native mobile app.

It runs on your phone's browser.


Advantages over native:

  • Everything is under your control, text, graphics, branding.
  • Users do not need to install an app to make a mobile booking.
  • Runs on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone
  • Google Analytics - track usage of your mobile app with GA.
  • No Apple to deal with!



Try it out.



ABPro 3 adapts to mobile devices so the jQuery mobile app is not really required anymore, see this demo with your mobile device..


Some people still like the more 'mobile' like look of the jQuery app.


Minimum version of ABPro required: 2.0.1

Beta now available to Gold and Silver registered users, click here



Will be supplied English, if you want a different language you simply edit the files and change the text.


  • The mobile app does not support ABPro optional limiting of a person's booking per day.
  • Rate and Seat Adjustments are not implemented on the jQuery mobile app.