Shopping Cart

Added in ABPro 2.0.6 and 3.0.1 - ABPro Shopping Cart functionality.

Multiple bookings in a single transaction.

The cart is a wrapper around the existing system so the currently tested and solid booking system is essentially untouched. The cart makes multiple separate bookings in a single transaction. Any cancellations must be done on an individual booking basis, there is no cart wide cancellation code.

I am taking an 80/20 approach with the shopping cart, it will work for most common configurations of ABPro but not all.
ABPro features not compatible with the shopping cart are:

  • User credits system.
  • Cannot use resource specific PayPal account as a cart could contain bookings for multiple different resources. 
  • No cart level coupon, the coupon system still works at the individual booking but there are no cart wide coupons.
  • No ics attachments.
  • No SMS to resource on PayPal purchase as a cart can have bookings for multiple resources 


Payment gateways supported are PayPal and, and (AIM).


Cart Demo click here! 


 Q. Why not use a 3rd party cart like Virtuemart?

A. Booking a time slot is not like buying a product. Virtuemart does not support the concept of a component adding an item to the cart with a price not stored in, or calculated by, Virtuemart. Also the cart must work closely with ABPro as a booking added to the cart is only held for the customer for a limited time. If they do not check-out the slot is removed from the cart and made available to other customers. This level of integration is difficult/impossible with a 3rd party cart.