Change Log Upgrade Instructions 

Joomla 3.5.1 +

Joomla 4.0

ABPro 4.0.3

ABPro 4.0.5

Version 4.0.3 (RC16 September 22/21)

Download 4.0.3 Now

Version 4.0.5 (Beta 11 April 6/22)

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  • Documentation for the new features is in the How-to pages.. how-to.html
  • Re: In-place updating - If you are upgrading a release older than ABPro 4.0.2 beta 4, you will need to use the old procedure upgrade-instructions.html

  • Limitations

    - ddslick does not work in a jQuery accordion section so ddslick is not compatible with Simple or GAD  Accordion views.
    Wizard is ok as the resource dropdown is not in an accordion section.

    - Payage is not currently compatible with Popup Caller. (the return from the gateway does not know it is in an iFrame and renders the Joomla framework inside the popup.)

  • New Popup Caller V2 (ABPro 4) now available. 

  • New Content Link plugin V2 (ABPro 4) now available.
  • ABPro 4 allows you to turn on/off and re-position screen sections. This is done in the Menu Setup screen via menu parameters. 
    If you are upgrading from ABPro 3, your menus are still there from ABPro 3. You will need to open and re-save the menu item that calls ABPro so the new parameters get set and stored.





Joomla 3.x

ABPro 4.0.5 can be installed directly over 4.0.3.

If you are upgrading a release older than ABPro 4.0.3, you will need to use the old procedure upgrade-instructions.html


Joomla 4.0

There is currently no upgrade path from Joomla 3.9 to 4.0 (you need 3.10 which is not even in beta yet)

There is no direct upgrade path from Joomla 3, ABPro 4.0.3 to Joomla 4, ABPro 4.0.5 either.

Currently the way you do it is:

  1. Use ABPro Backup in your J3/ABPro 4.0.3
  2. Export all the _backup tables from your J3 database
  3. Edit the export file to change the db prefix to match your J4 db
  4. Import the _backup tables into your J4 db
  5.  Install ABPro 4.0.5 on J4
  6. Use ABPro Restore to read the _backup data into ABPro 4.0.5


Basically the same procedure as outlined here..



Popup Caller module for J4
Download here

Content Link plugin for J4
Download here

 New in version 4.0.3:

  • This is a compliance release. The Joomla gods have decreed that everything on the Joomla Extensions Directory must support the Joomla Update system. This release does.
  • In place updating, just install new release over old. 


beta 2 (May 17/17)

  • Shopping Cart bookings are now displayed in date order, rather than order they were added to the cart.
  • Problems with using Display Simple on Mobile = Yes with ABPro 4.0.3. Fixed
  • Google Wallet removed but some code still looking for transactions table causing errors. Fixed.
  • When using the shopping cart with PayPal, the confirmation screen shows payment in progress even when complete. Fixed
  • When using the shopping cart with PayPal, the notification email to the resource is not being sent. Fixed
  • Export enhancements - select which fields are to be exported, set header text rather than using the field name, set field order. See Configure screen, Export tab.


beta 3 (May 23/17)

  • Edit Files screen not saving properly. Fixed


beta 4 (June 29/17)

  • Export will now use the date format set in the GAD booking screen.
  • Copy Book-Offs screen still using old datepicker. Updated.
  • Stripe payment processor not working correctly with the ABPro Shopping Cart. Fixed


beta 5 (July 27/17)

  • The red *, for required fields, not showing for resource specific UDFs. Fixed.
  • 'Enter' key triggering hidden submit on booking screens. Fixed
  • Database error message when exporting from the Front Desk. Fixed
  • Staff booking screen on mobile device not displaying resources. Fixed.
  • Added week number to the staff booking screen date picker.
  • If using multiple seats per booking, and status quick change option, and Front Desk views showing seat counts, changing status is not updating the onscreen total seat counts. Fixed
  • In the single day booking screen view, if using service based duration, and the default service duration is longer than the timeslot, the first click is not resizing to the correct duration. Fixed


RC 1 (August 27/17)

  • The Quick Status Change option, on the staff screens, is now compatible with Google Calendar.
  • If using a language key for dropdown list or radio button items, the items are displayed as a single long entry. Fixed.


RC 2 (October 20/17)

  • Free Booking setting not working for Simple Booking screen AND the Shopping Cart. Fixed
  • When using ABPro's forced gap option, a popup will warn customers if the slot they chose + the gap will conflict with an existing booking. Previously they would not know until submit validation.
  • With ABPro set for unlimited bookings (Max Seats = 0) the conflict checking code was blocking when it should not. Fixed
  • Modification to make ABPro work with latest version of Payage/Mollie.


RC 3 (November 20/17)

  • When manually accepting bookings via the front desk, the message centre setting to attach an .ics file is not being followed. Fixed
  • Stripe processing was not picking up resource specific Stripe keys. Fixed
  • Specifying popup help on UDFs causing mobile view problems on some templates. Fixed
  • Enabling Notification list can cause problems for normal bookings. Fixed


RC 4 (January 12/18)

  • When using the Calendar view, and part day book-offs, the mouse over popup on the calendar view is not showing the part day book-offs. Fixed
  • When using Mollie payment processor, the submit button not being disabled when processing the click. Fixed
  • When using timeslot publish start/end dates, and setting for only a single date to be published, the Calendar View was not seeing those slots. Fixed


RC 5 (April 12/18)

  • With the Simple bookings screen, the Minimum Lead time was only honored at submit, now the timeslots that are too close to book will be removed from the time dropdown. This will make the Simple screen behave like the GAD and Wizard.
  • Added fixed start date via menu setup screens.
  • Button text for the Notification List popup added to language file.
  • the "Print this page" button on the confirmation screens now only prints the confirmation message, not the entire page.
  • GDPR screen added to allow customers to see, and remove, all their booking data.


RC 6 (May 7/18)

  • GDPR screen would not work for bookings that had passed or already cancelled. Fixed


RC 7 (September 6/18)

  • Problem with Captcha on the Simple booking screen. Fixed
  • Removed "Print this Page" mod, added in RC5, as it was causing problems on too many sites.


RC 8 (not released)

  • Notification List feature not triggering emails when a booking is cancelled by the user via the Cancel Link. Fixed


RC 9 (January 30/19)

  • On some sites, warnings showing on screen even with Joomla set to only show errors (default setting). Fixed to remove warnings.
  • Enter key in a textarea causing submit. Fixed
  • Auto-Resource Control Panel Message Centre throwing security error. Fixed
  • When creating daily book-offs, the book-off will appear on the current date even if the days you set do not include the current day. Fixed


RC 10e (February 9/20)

  • Changes to deal with PHP 7.2 change to the count() function
  • Book-Dates that are unpublished continue to display. Fixed
  • Changing booking status via the Front Desk, on a mobile device, not calling Google Calendar to update booking. Fixed

RC 11 (May 13/20)

  • Changes for PHP 7.4


RC 12 (May 29/20)

  • More changes for PHP 7.4


RC 13 (July 31/20)

  • User Credit not adjusting under for php 7.4, fixed.


RC 14 (Nov 18/20)

  • Customer History, printer Friendly view not working, fixed.
  • If set to let customer choose their sms country code, the resource sms also getting set there. fixed
  • Improved print screen for shopping cart confirmation.
  • PayPal IPN code reworked to use curl as per PayPal's recommendation. This is to stop the false IPN failures that PayPal is logging.


RC 15 (Dec 14/20)

  • Book Dates not showing in Calendar view. fixed
  • Error message showing on Admin Book Dates - New - screen. fixed

RC 16 (Sep 22/21)

  • After Appointment message not sending when trigger status set to anything other than 'completed'. Fixed.

New in version 4.0.5:

  • Joomla 4.0 support



beta 2 (June 16/20)

  • Error on saving booking if user not logged in. Fixed 


beta 3 (Nov 18/20)

  • Blank popup when changing services with durations. Fixed
  • Customer History, printer Friendly view not working, fixed.
  • PayPal IPN code reworked to use curl as per PayPal's recommendation. This is to stop the false IPN failures that PayPal is logging.
  • Incorrect balance due if using ABPro 'deposit only' with PayPal. Fixed

beta 4 (Feb 7/21)

  • Book Dates not showing in Calendar view. fixed
  • Saving data leaving Joomla showing the tables as 'checked-out'. Fixed  (thanks to Robert Gastaud)

beta 5 (Apr 2/21)

  • Backend tabs all broke with J4 b7, rewritten

beta 6 (Jul 26/21)

  • Services stopped showing on booking screen with Joomla 4 RC4. Fixed.
  • All admin listing screens' PUB/UNPUB buttons stopped working with Joomla 4 RC4. Fixed


beta 7 (Aug 17/21

  • SEO Use URL Rewriting not working. Fixed.


beta 8 (Sep 22/21)

  • After Appointment message not sending when trigger status set to anything other than 'completed'. Fixed.


beta 9 (Jan 31/22)

  • Alternate code for the screen dump of Cart order summary page.
  • Categories maintenance screen not showing any categories. Fixed
  • In the Book Dates screen, the option to alter Date Specific Availability not switching. Fixed

beta 10 (Feb 6/22)

  • When using Book Dates option, dates not showing in the Calendar view. Fixed
  • Problems with Cancel Booking screen. Fixed


beta 11 (Apr 6/22)

  • Changed the Categories controller name to categories_abp to prevent conflict with Joomla.
  • Implemented (but not tested) changes for php8 submitted by Sebastian Richter