facebook + ABPro


## UPDATE Dec 28/16 ##
Changes made by facebook make ABPro's My Bookings screen, on the facebook app, no longer function.
The way the app fetches the user's bookings was based on the email address that facebook provided. Facebook no longer permits access to email addresses.
The main Booking screen still works fine.

Let your customers book appointments from within Facebook.

Give it a try, click here for ABPro on facebook

Booking Screen

  • PayPal does not allow a call from the iFrame so you cannot use PayPal in facebook. Authorize.net, 2Checkout.com and Google Wallet are fine with iFrames, just not PayPal..
  • Does not support 'Require Login = Yes' as being logged in to facebook is not logged in to Joomla.
  • Does not support features requiring Joomla login like User Credit, daily booking limits, etc.
  • Does not support shopping cart, Extras or Seat types.
  • This solution will require you to create your own fb application (simple to do and there is a step by step tutorial here) and ftp some files to your Joomla site for facebook to talk to. (again, a step by step tutorial can be found here)


My Bookings

There is a fundamental problem here in that the My bookings screen in ABPro shows bookings for the currently logged-in (to Joomla) user.

From facebook, there is no relationship to the Joomla user id. As such the My Bookings from facebook will show all bookings where the email address matches the facebook user's email address. Also, no user credit information can be shown as the user is not logged in to Joomla so ABPro does not know their Joomla user id.


Access to the ABPro Facebook add-on included in paid subscription.