User Credits System

The ABPro User's Credit system works like this:

  • You assign credits to a user, in currency.
  • You assign a rate to a resource as normal(or service if using service based cost)
  • When the user goes to book, the system will try to apply a credit for the full amount to zero the amount owing in the booking.
  • When the booking is completed, the credit amount used is deducted from the user's current balance.
  • If the booking total exceeds credit available, the balance will need to be paid via an enabled ABPro Payment Processor.
  • Admin will have the option to set 'No Refunds' where 'refund' means re-instate credits on cancellation.
  • If refunds are allowed, a booking cancellation will re-instate credits, if a Payment Processor payment was used, no Payment Processor refund is issued, the amount is added to the user's credit balance.
  • Credits co-exist with Payment Processors so if the user has no credits they can pay directly, or if they do not have enough credits, the shortfall can be paid by a Payment Processor.
  • If a user has no account they can pay directly. If they are a registered user and are logged in, their credit balance will be used for booking.
  • The My Bookings screen will show user's current credit balance and activity.
  • Each booking will track if it used credits for all or part of payment.
  • An admin side audit screen will display all activity pertaining to the user's credit table.


  • ABPro is not a banking system and Soft Ventures will not be liable for any discrepancies. 
    Limited activity logging will be maintained but NOT at an auditing level one would find in financial system software.
  • User Credits accounts require a Joomla user id so they only apply to registered users.
  • Credits are purchased in the ABPro Purchase Credit screen (ABPro 4+) or outside of ABPro (PayPal buy now or Virtuemart, etc.) and entered manually by Admin.
  • A resource can have only one rate, that is you cannot offer a different rate for customers paying by a Payment Processor vs paying by credits. Discounting would be handled when you sell the credits, for example selling $100 worth of booking credit for $75.
  • No partial cancel, ie: no cancel 1 seat of 3, cancel all and reorder.
  • If a user needs to pay part via PayPal (his credit balance was not enough) and he bails out of PayPal without paying, he would need to contact admin to get his credits restored manually.
  • The credit system only applies to the public booking screens and Front-Desk booking screen. Admin manually setting a booking to 'accepted' will have no effect on the user's credit balance. If admin sets a booking to 'canceled', and the booking was paid all or in part by user credit, the credit is re-instated. If part was paid by a Payment Processor, that will be added to the user's credit balance - no Payment Processor refunds are ever initiated by ABPro.
  • Not compatible with manual booking acceptance (Auto-Accept = No)
  • Not compatible with the Shopping Cart.


ABPro Virtuemart plug-in allows users to buy credits and have them applied directly without any admin action required.