Add a Cancel link to confirmation email

This How-to shows a way to implement a new cancellation view that can be called from a link in your confirmation email.

Your customer can then simply click a link to open a new cancel view to cancel a booking without having to cut&paste a cancel code.


Add a link to your confirmation message. 

ABPro Configure screen, Messages tab.

Your link will need to look like this..

http://[your site url here]/index.php?option=com_rsappt_pro3&view=cancel_link&cc=[cancellation_id]&req_id=[booking_id]

Set your link in this format even if you are using SEO.


Toggle editor to see HTML..



When ABPro sends the confirmation email, the token system will substitute in the cancellation_id and booking_id so the link will call the new cancel_link view passing the appropriate booking information.

To see this in action, make a booking on this ABPro demo screen..

Note: The Joomla editor TinyMCE defaults to setting URLS as relative so if you entered, it would strip off the
In Joomla plug-in management screen, look at TinyMCE and set URLs = Absolute.