Translate to another language

ABPro is only supplied with English language files.

If you want another language you will need to make you own translation.

There are 2 language files, one for the back-end admin and the other for the front end.

The simplest way to make a translation is to copy (not move) the English language files to your non-English folder, rename them and translate the text.

For the front end English look for:

Copy that file to your language folder, renaming (example here is for German, de-DE)..

Now you can edit the file and change the English text to your language as required.

Use caution, as Joomla is very picky about language files. One extra or missing “ and Joomla will ignore the file and use the English one instead.
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You can also edit your new front-end language file from inside ABPro, Control Panel | Edit Files | Edit Language files.

The screen will shows all language files, the original English and your newly created one.

Start simple, just change the first line and check that your booking screen to see it is translating correctly.
   RS1_INPUT_SCRN_TITLE="Appointment Booking"
   RS1_INPUT_SCRN_TITLE="(something in your language)"

Test that your booking screen is showing the 'something in your language’ as the booking screen title.


The back-end language file is:




You might want to check out Freestlye Translation Manager




Troubleshooting a language file

If Joomla encounters anything is does not like in your language file, it will revert to English.
If is there is no English file or there is a problem with that also, it will just display the language keys.

To find where the problems are you can enable both Debug System and Debug Language in the Global Configuration screen, System tab.

Now when you open an ABPro screen, look at the bottom to see what lines in the language file are causing your problems..


Sometimes the error is a line or two below the given line number.