Rate Overrides & Adjustments

This How-To is not about customizing ABPro but rather it is an information sheet about the use of the features Rate Overrides and Rate Adjustments.


The two features were added to address two requirements.

  1. I want to charge a different rate for members than for the public.
  2. I want to charge a different rate based on day of the week or time of day or both.


Rate Adjustment is a new feature added in ABPro 3.0.4.


Rate Adjustments

This is an optional feature allowing you to define adjustments to a booking's base rate. The adjustment can be applied based on day of the week, time of day, or day and time.

Initial rate setup is done in the other setup screens, resource, service or seat type.

When the booking screen calculates charges, a call is made to see if an adjustment if required. If an adjustment is found, it is added to the rate to be used for the booking. The adjustment is added to the base rate, so an adjustment of $2.00 on a booking with rate or $10.00 will result ins a new rate of $12.00.

There are 3 ways to apply adjustments:

  1. Day Only: The adjustment will be applied to all bookings in the selected day of the week, regardless of time.
  2. Time Only: The adjustment will be applied to all bookings in the selected time range, every day of the week.
  3. Day and Time: The adjustment will be applied on the selected day(s) of the week, for bookings in the specified time range.


  • Bookings that begin or end in an adjustment area will have the adjustment applied. 
    For example, if an adjustment is set as 4:00-6:00, a booking that runs from 3:00 to 4:30 will have the adjustment applied.
  • If using Seat Types and multiple seats per booking, rate adjustment does not multiply by the seats.
    You could have multiple different seat types and rates, but the rate adjustment is a single number. If you set it to $10.00 is will add $10 to the booking but not to each seat.


Negative adjustments allow you to offer day and/or time based discounted booking rates. 


Rate Overrides

This is an optional feature allowing you to define special rates charged based on what Joomla Group a customer is assigned to. These overrides can be applied to resource(s), service(s), extra(s) or seat type(s).

Initial rate setup is done in the respective entity's setup screen. For example, the resource rate is set in the resource setup screen.

Rates set here override, or replace and booking time, the normal rates so you can do things like, offer a different rate for registered users or users assigned to specific Joomla Groups.

Before setting up an override rate, you should be aware of ABPro's order of preference in different types of rates.

Order of Precedence
Service rate has precedence over resource rate. If you define both, the service rate is used.
Seat price has precedence over both resource and service rates.

The Override rates do not compromise this order of precedence.
For example, if you define an override rate for a Resource but you have a Service rate, the Service rate it used.