Auto Resource

How to setup and use Auto Resource

What is Auto Resource

The concept of Auto Resource was introduced in ABPro 3.0.6.

The objective is to allow any registered user to accept appointments without Admin having to setup a resource to represent the user.

A resource in ABPro is an abstract entity, not a person or Joomla user.
You can create an ABPro resource to represent a person or user, then make that user's Joomla account a resource administrator so the user can manage bookings and settings for the resource.

Auto Resource automates this process so users can make themselves a resource and begin accepting bookings. You can control which users are allowed to do this by using Joomla Groups.


How does it work

With Auto Resource enabled, as soon as a user accesses the front end ABPro Control Panel, if they are not already a resource administrator, the following things happen:

  • A resource is created using their Joomla name as the resource name
  • Their Joomla account is set as resource administrator for the new resource.
  • The new resource is set for resource specific timeslots, and a copy of the current Global timeslots are copied in.
  • A new message set is created in the Message Center, using their name as the message set name, and the current Global message set is copied in.

The new resource is created unpublished so the user can complete setting messages and timeslots to their liking before they publish the resource and begin accepting appointments.


Setup Auto Resource

Go to the ABPro Configure screen, Basic Setup tab and near the bottom look for...



Enable Auto Resource - Set to Yes if you wish to enable the Auto Resource system.

Auto Resource Groups - This is used to control which users can have access to the Auto User system. The default is 'Registered' so any registered user can make themselves a resource. You can create Joomla Group(s) to allow only some registered user access. In the image above, a Group called 'ABPro Member' is the only group with access so only users assigned to that group can create a resource for themselves.
Note: This controls access to the creation of new auto resources and has no effect on already created resources.

Auto Resource Category - If you are using the optional categories feature of ABPro, you can set which category the new auto resources are assigned to.
Note: Changes here only effect new auto resources and have no effect on already created ones.


Front End Control Panel

You will want to create a User Menu item to call the front end Control Panel.



If Auto Resource is enabled and the user has not yet created a resource, the auto resource process will be triggered and the new resource created.


If Auto Resource is disabled and the user has no resource they will see..