ABPro 4.0.1 feature - Calendar View

The Calendar View is added to your menu like any other view.

Note: At this time putting the Calendar View in a submenu is not supported. Calendar View must in call from a top level menu.

Note 1: At this time Calendar View is not compatible with setting ABPro's Login Required = Yes.

This How-To shows some ways to tailor the screen to your specific ABPro setup.


Mouseover Availability

The feature is enabled in the Joomla Menu setup screen, Advanced tab, by setting Timelsot Tooltip = Yes.

Depending on your setup (number of timeslots, template, etc) you may want to change the size of the popup and/or the slots within it.

Edit file: \components\com_rsappt_pro3\script.js

At line 4587 look for:

var line_height = 25; 
var v_padding = 5;
var h_padding = 0;
var h_text_padding = 10;
var dialog_width = 175;
var rect_width = 70;
var font_size = 12;


The mouseover popup is not available on mobile devices are they have no mouse.



CSS for Resource Links

When the resource link is added to the calendar, the code will look for a class based on the resource id. These can be used to modify the display.

Example for Resource id 123, add this to your CSS file:

    -moz-border-radius: 5;

ABPro Control Panel | Edit Files | Edit CSS tab.


This can also be used to make the font smaller or larger depending on your template and resource name lengths.