Confirmation 'Print this page' mod

The "Print this page" on the booking confirmation screen prints the entire page.


This How-To shows a way to use CSS to have only the confirmation printed.

This solution requires some special CSS to be embedded in the confirmation view so while it is a CSS solution, some code change is required.

This only works for the GAD and Wizard booking screens, not the Simple booking screen.

Edit the view for the booking screen you are using.

GAD: \components\com_rsappt_pro3\views\gad_confirmation\tmpl\default.php

Wizard: \components\com_rsappt_pro3\views\wiz_confirmation\tmpl\default.php


Just before the <form tag insert this code..

<style media="print" type="text/css">
@media print
    body * { visibility: hidden; }
    #sv_apptpro_request_gad * { visibility: visible; }
    #sv_apptpro_request_gad { position: absolute; top: 40px; left: 30px; }
    #sv_apptpro_request_gad input { visibility: hidden; }


Now 'Print this page' should just print the <div> sv_apptpro_request_gad.

This has been tested on Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari. 


Note: If you find, after doing this mod, that the Print this page prints no text, try wrapping your messages in <p></p> tags. For some reason that is required.



The above code will be included in the next ABPro 4.0.1 build as well as changes to make it work in the Simple booking screen as well.