Date Specific Availability

ABPro was designed for businesses with fairly static resource availability, the same hours each week.
Resource availability was day-of-the-week based.

The Date Specific Resource Availability feature, added in 4.0.2, lets you easily set a resource's availability to specific dates.

This might be used for cases like a practitioner who only visits a clinic a few days per month, or parent teacher interviews that only occur over 2 days every few months.

When enabled, Date Specific Resource Availability overrides any other resource availability mechanisms like Allow Booking on Days (day or the week) and Disable Dates Before/After.



To setup and use Date Specific Resource Availability access the new Book Dates screen from the ABPro Control Panel.




This will display the list screen showing available dates (book dates) by Resource.

This is where you Enable/Disable the feature for the selected resource.




 The detail screen supports Add/Edit and Save/Save & New for adding multiple dates in succession.




The booking screens will only show the resource as available on the specific dates.