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ABPro 4.0.2 feature - User Settable Duration

For sites wishing to let the customer choose the booking duration!

This new feature lets the customer select a slot, then drag it to whatever duration they require. This behavior would typically be desirable for booking meeting rooms and such.


(the above animation does not show on some releases of Chrome.) 

You can set the snap level to have the adjusted booking always end on 5,10,15,30,60 minutes.

It works like Service based duration but you don't need to define multiple services to provide different durations.

Things to be aware of:

  • Once you start using user settable duration, bookings are no longer constrained by timeslot boundaries.
    For example if you have timeslots at 11:00, and 11:30, then none at 12:00 (for lunch). Someone could make a 45 minute appointment starting at 11:30 and it will extend until 12:15. (See next point)
  • Bookings will extend into areas where there are no timeslots. The system will stop a booking going past the end of the day, or going into a book-off. You can define Daily book-offs for lunch breaks and bookings will not encroach on them.
  • Features that depend on timeslot structure may not work correctly.
    For example 'Seats per Booking' depends on a fixed timeslot structure and will not operate correctly if you use user settable duration.


This feature is introduced in beta 3 of 4.0.2, February 2017.

Demo it here, (Meeting Room A) 


User Settable Duration is set at the resource level so you can have some resources that allow the user to adjust the duration and others that do not.

This feature is enabled in the Resource setup screen.