ABPro Admin (WEB)

Not strictly required anymore as the front end admin views are responsive, however some people like the more 'mobile' like looks of the jQuery mobile apps.

ABPro Admin WEB App


ABPro Admin WEB App is a pure JQuery Mobile app. It has no direct connection to Joomla at all. It uses the JSON interface developed for the native apps.


A mobile WEB app is really browser app that looks like a mobile app. It runs on your phone's browser.

Advantages over native:

  • Everything is under your control, text, graphics, branding.
  • Runs on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone
  • No app to install.
  • No Apple to deal with!



Minimum version of ABPro required: 2.0.1 2.0.3

Beta now available to Gold and Silver registered users, click here



Will be supplied English, if you want other languages you will need to edit the files and change the text.