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Service Based Duration

Common Questions:

  • How can I offer my customer the choice of 30 min OR 60 min booking?
  • Can a customer book multiple consecutive timeslots?


Answer: Use Service Based Duration.


Timeslots are fixed size in ABPro. The only way to create a booking of different duration than the timeslot size is by using service based duration.

With Service Based Duration you create services, for each resource, that have duration assigned.


Resource = 'Betty'

Service 1 = 'Haircut', duration 30 min. (can also assign different prices for services if you wish)

Service 2 = 'Perm', duration 60 min.

Now the customer chooses a resource, then what service they want.

The booking will be made as 30 or 60 min depending of which service was selected.

See Betty in this demo..



Another example, here you can book rooms for 1 to 4 hours..




Using Service Based Duration has drawbacks, see

Timeslots vs Service Based Duration