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Upgrade Instructions

Caution 1: The following procedure will replace your existing ABPro with a newer version. Any code changes you have made will be lost and must be re-added manually.


Caution 2: Always do a system backup before upgrading.  


Starting with ABPro 4.0.3 you can install an update without uninstalling ABProsmile

If you are upgrading from a release older than 4.0.2 beta 2, you will still need to use the procedure below.

Also starting with ABPro 4.0.3, the Joomla Update system is supported.

If you are customizing ABPro for your client, make sure you tell them NOT to use the Joomla Update or it will overwrite your customization.


Moving from one beta, or dot release, to the next ( ex 3.0.1 to 3.0.2 to 3.0.x, or 3.0.x to 4.0.0 etc ):

  1. Go to the ABPro Control Panel and select Backup/Restore. Do a 'Backup' - this will save all your current settings and stuff. The screen will show everything it backs up. When complete (a few seconds) scan down the screen to ensure everything looks ok. You may see errors if you are not using some features. For example if you are not using User Credit, it may report no user credit table to backup.

  2. If you are using Google Calendar you will need to ftp your .P12 key file and the google-api-php-client-master folder to your desktop so you can restore them after the update. (Joomla will delete them in step 3)
  3. Uninstall old, install new.
  4. Go to the ABPro Control Panel and select Backup/Restore. Do a 'Restore' - this will put back all your settings. It will again, show everything it is restoring and only take a couple of seconds. Scan down the screen to check that it looks ok. 
    If your are upgrading to 2.0.3 (or higher) and use categories, on the ABPro Restore screen select the option 'Backfill Category IDs'. Also, you will need to re-assign your resources to categories as the category/resource relationship has changed to support assigning a resource to more that one category. 

  5. If you are using Google Calendar, ftp the key file and folder from step 2 back to your server.

  6. Check menus that call ABPro, you will likely need to open and re-save them in Joomla Menu Manager.

  7. Do you use Categories? If so, and you are upgrading from a pre-4.0.1 version of ABPro, you will need to open each one and set its 'Access' to the Joomla Groups you want. Typically 'Public' and 'Super User'.


Note 1: The backup/restore does not currently retain the CSS file across an uninstall/reinstall so if you have made changes to the ABPro CSS you will need to manually backup/restore the file 'sv_apptpro.css'

Note 2: When you uninstall then re-install, the component id changes so you MUST open each ABPro menu item, in the Joomla Admin Menu system, then just save again

ABPro 4 allows you to turn on/off, and reposition, screen sections.
This is done in the Menu Setup screen via menu parameters.
If you upgraded from ABPro 3, your menus are still there from ABPro 3.
You will need to open and re-save the menu item that calls ABPro so the new parameters get set and stored.

Note 3: If upgrading to 2.0.3 from a previous version see also http://appointmentbookingpro.com/component/kunena/18-errors-and-error-messages/10040-broken-image-links.html?Itemid=0#10040

Note 4: Google Calendar library and key file are not preserved across a Joomla uninstall/reinstall so you will need to copy the library folder and key file to your local PC and re-upload them after the upgrade.

When upgrading a production site, it is advised you backup your entire site with AkeebaBackup, or a similar product, to safeguard against data loss should unforeseen problems arise.



Moving from Joomla 2.5 - ABPro 2.0.x to Joomla 3 - ABPro 3.x

On the same server (you plan to use Joomla Update to update your existing server)

  1. Make a backup of your ABPro 2.x using ABPro's backup  (must be done before you update Joomla)
  2. Make a copy of your CSS file (sv_apptpro.css) if you wish to bring it forward as the install of ABPro will overwrite the old css file.
  3. Upgrade your site to Joomla 3 with Joomla Update.
  4. Install ABPro 3
  5. Use ABPro 3's 'Restore from an ABPro 2 backup' option.
  6. Check menus that call ABPro, you will likely need to open and re-save them in Joomla Menu Manager.


Moving to a new server (you plan to move to a new Joomla 3 install on a new server)

  1. Make a backup of your ABPro 2.x using ABPro's backup
  2. Copy _backup tables to your Joomla 3 server ** see link below
  3. Use ABPro 3's 'Restore from an ABPro 2 backup' option.


See also http://appointmentbookingpro.com/migrate-to-a-new-server.html



Moving from 1.4.x to 2.0 (Joomla 1.5)

ABPro 2.0 uses different tables so you install 2.0 without uninstalling 1.4.x.

Use the ABPro 2.0 Backup/Restore screen's 'Import From 1.4.x' function to bring data from 1.4.x over to 2.0.

See http://appointmentbookingpro.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=126 

Note: ABPro 2.0 has TWO confirmation messages, one for the customer and one for admin. When you upgrade the message to admin will get blanked out. You will need to go in and create a new one or admin will get blank confirmations. 
ABPro Control Panel | Configure | Messages tab.


Moving from 1.4.x to 2.0 (Joomla 2.5)

See http://appointmentbookingpro.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=126


Note: Any code changes you made to ABPro will need to be re-applied after an upgrade. This includes How-To changes and language specific changes.